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Contributing to Blayney Shire infrastructure

Projects such as McPhillamys can bring many benefits to rural and regional communities including new jobs, business opportunities, population growth and new local services. Another advantage is the upgrade of local infrastructure and services, funded by the developer—in this case, Regis

If the McPhillamys Gold Project is approved, Regis will be required to make a contribution to the Blayney Shire Council (in addition to our normal Council rates and fees) to fund projects in the Shire. This will be done through a Planning Agreement (PA) between Regis and the Council, which was
considered at this week’s (16 November) Council meeting.

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Members of the community can review and comment on the Planning Agreement which is on public exhibition for 28 days. The PA documents are available on Council’s website: 

In brief, the draft PA requires Regis to pay one percent of the estimated total capital cost of the project, to Blayney Council. The payment would be made in installments with an upfront contribution of one million dollars. This would be followed by annual payments of $212,222 (subject to CPI or two percent adjustment whichever is the greater after the first annual payment).

About the project

The McPhillamys Gold Project is located in the Blayney - Kings Plains district of Central West New South Wales, approximately 8 kilometres from the town of Blayney. The Blayney – Kings Plains district has been the subject of alluvial and hard rock mining since the mid to late 19th century with sporadic exploration for gold and base metals over various exploration licences since the 1960s.

McPhillamys, if developed would consist of a large scale open cut gold mining operation that has a current mine life of approximately ten years. Regis’ Board anticipates making a decision on the development of McPhillamys following assessment of the Environmental Impact Statement (including the Social Impact Assessment), obtaining of regulatory approvals and completion of the Definitive Feasibility Study.

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Visit Regis Resources For more information on McPhillamys. 

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